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Tube saws, bevelling and squaring machines 

Tube saws 

Easy and reliable operation, 100% straight cut surface makes saws a good companion for the orbital welding machines. 

  • Tube sizes Ø 4 – 520 mm
  • Material thickness 0.5 – 15 mm
  • Heavy-duty electric drive
  • Cutting motor with double shaft
  • Cutting precision: perpendicular cuts < 0.25 mm
  • Dual-output cutting motor with 2 blade positions for uptake
  • Scalability: May be transformed into a beveling and orbital welding machine
  • Blade-jaw distance of 2/13.5 mm
  • Limits vibration and tube distortion
  • Concentric clamping with 4, 6 or 8 jaws in stainless steel, standard, to eliminate tube distortion
  • Rotation handle as standard: extends blade life and optimizes cutting quality
  • Option: Support feet for OrbiCut130/230/330, cutting table for OrbiCut520, OrbiCut Table and Extension, and OrbiCut Rotation housing motor 230V

Tube bevel and preparation machines  

  • Tube internal  Ø 25 – 323.9 mm
  •  Material thickness max 30 mm
  • Precise bevelling on different diameters and materials
  • Up to four different tools can be used at the same time enabling I, V, Y or U bewels together with inside and outside straightening in one run
  • Machines are easily transported and used at workshops or installation sites

Tube squaring machines  

Tube end preparation is an important topic in orbital welding.
To achieve an optimal result in orbital welding, a thorough preparation of the tubes is indispensable.
With our pipe-end processing equipment, the basis is easily laid.

  • Tube sizes Ø 3 – 114,3 mm (0.118 – 4.5 inch)
  • Max. wall thickness 4.0 mm
  • Incl. tool holder with special HSS insert
  • Accurate manual advance with scale
  • Protection class II
  • Power 18 V/4,0 Ah or electric drive, Single-phase AC motor
  • Built-in electronic variable speed
  • Incl. one cutting steel
  • Incl. 2x Li-Ion-Akkupacks (for the battery version)

Tungsten grinder 

Precisely sharpened tungsten is important for successful orbital welding. The OrbiGrinder can grind different angles for different sizes of tungsten. The grinder can also be used for tungsten cutting and the tip flattening.

Available in 2 versions, 230V wired or wireless with a rechargeable battery.

Oxygen analyser OXY HP 2.0

Oxygen analysers are used to measure the oxygen content inside the tubes to be welded before the welding starts. Usually, oxygen content less than 20ppm is low enough for oxidation-free welds. 

  • Simple menu navigation
  • LED display, parameter entry by a membrane keyboard
  • Temperature-controlled zirconium sensor
  • Measuring cell is made of zirconium oxide (maintenance-free), long service life due to intelligent cell management
  • Measuring range 5 – 999 ppm O2
  • Suitable for inert gases and gases with hydrogen content of max. 10 %
  • Battery-powered oxygen analyser with an operating time of up to 8 hours
  • Wall wart 110 VAC – 240 VAC, supply voltage 12 V
  • USB interface for storage of parameter sets
  • Documentation of residual oxygen value, date, time and name of project
  • Different interfaces, USB, 0 – 5 VDC, Digital
  • Freely adjustable operating range
  • Language selection German and English
  • Memory of the validation process
  • Visual signal during the measurement when the measuring value is not achieved yet
  • Robust plastic case with a protective rubber frame, external dimensions (L x W x H) 185 x 93 x 36 mm, weight 600 g
  • Tube set 1 m, including filter and stainless steel probe
  • Validation certificate
  • Including transport case

It can also be connected to the power sources and the oxygen level will be monitored in the welding program.

Purge Gas Plugs 

Oxidation inside the welded tube can be prevented when oxygen is replaced with a good level of suitable purge gas. Automatic welding requires identical circumstances on each weld. This also includes the pressure of the purged gas inside the tube. By using purge gas plugs this can be achieved as required steady flow and tightness. Also, the amount of gas used is smaller than with other plugin methods which will save money.

1- Conical, for pipe internal Ø 10,5 – 107 mm:

  • Silicon, black, with Ø 5 mm centre hole, heat resistant up to 340° C
  • Silicon, clear, with Ø 6 mm centre hole, heat resistant up to 250° C

2- 3D printed, for pipe outer Ø 6 -323 mm:

  • body and union nut PETG
  • air cushion seal TPU
  • With a clamping wedge ring fitting (Swagelok) or plug-in coupling (Festo-SMC)

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