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Plasma systems

Thermcut cutting machine is an excellent choise for plasma or oxyfuel cutting of metal.

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We are experts on thermal cutting of metal 

If a standard cutting machine is not suitable for you requirements, please contact us. We can design together a special machine for you. We can also supply machines with plasma bevel cutting head. 

We import Hypertherm plasma products to Finland. You can get everything for manual or machanized plasma cutting from one supplier. We supply full range of consumables and spare parts for Hypertherm plasmas. Messer oxyfuel consumables are also in our supply program. 

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Jouni Andsten

Plasma and oxyfuel consumables, Manual plasma systems, Sales

Tel. 0400 748 833

Jari Simelius

Plasma and oxyfuel consumables, Sales and delivery

Tel. 040 776 7759, 09 274 7210

Anssi Kaasalainen

Thermcut cutting machines, Sales

Tel. 040 543 3451

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