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Orbital welding equipment

Polysoude power sources are desingned for orbital welding.

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Power Sources for Orbital Welding 

Possible welding methods are TIG with hotwire, TIG with coldwire or TIG without filler material. Programming of the power source is done with operation panel or in some models with additional PC. All models have multilingual user interface also in Finnish. 

Polysoude orbitaalihitsauslaite

Main Features of the Power Sources 

  • Welding current 4-600A. 
  • Axis of the welding heads: Rotation speed, Current, Gas flow, Filler wire speed, Oscillation and Arc voltage control 
  • Remote control 
  • Memory stick slot, USB or PC connection 
  • Printer or PC connection for parameter store 
  • Liquid cooling 

Polysoude power sources for orbital welding 

Welding Heads for Orbital Welding 

Polsoude orbital welding heads are designed for orbital welding of tubes or other round objects, which can be TIG welded. Available are closed chamber, open chamber or tube-to-tubesheet welding heads. Additionally are available Polycar carriages. 

Main Features of Closed Chamber Welding Heads 

  • Tube sizes 1,6 – 170 mm 
  • Wall thickness < 3 mm 
  • Filler material not possible 
  • Closed chamber reduce oxidaton of the weld seam 
  • Buttons for start/stop of welding process (depengin of the model) 

Polysoude closed chamber welding heads 

Main Features of the Open Chamber Welding Heads 

  • Tube sizes 8 – 275 mm 
  • Integrated or external wire feeder unit (optional) 
  • Oscillation and arc voltage control of the torch (optional) 

Main Features of Polycar Carriage 

  • Tube sizes > 32 mm 
  • Each tube size require own carriage rail 
  • Wall thickness < 250 mm 
  • Welding torch can be normal TIG or narrow gap TIG 
  • Integrated wire feeder unit 
  • Oscillation and arc voltage control of the torch 

Polysoude open chamber welding heads and Polycar carriages 

Main Features of Tube-to-Tubesheet Welding Head 

  • Tube internal diameter > 8 mm 
  • Tube external diameter < 75 mm 
  • Integrated wire feeder unit (optional) 
  • Torch arc voltage control 
  • All tubsheet constructions can be welded 

Polysoudetube-to-tubesheet welding heads 

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