“Teknohaus will take care of support on all systems, which they have manufactured or imported, through their entire operation life!” 

On this page is discribed maintenance and support of various systems Teknohaus supplies.

Thermcut Cutting Systems
Polysoude Orbital Welding Systems
Orbitalum Pipe Tools
Hypertherm Plasma Systems
Gas Distribution Systems

Thermcut Cutting Systems

As the manufacturer of the Thermcut machines we have superior technical knowledge on the machines. Our own service people make possible fast and reliable responce if any problem occure in Thermcut machine operation. Maintenance and support is available also in English.

Most of the problems can be solved by phone based on the instructions we give to machine operator. Support on the phone is free for our customers. Support is available between 8-16 hours on workdays. If the problem can’t be solved by phone, a service technician can be sent. Responce time for service visit is approximately one work day.

Consumables and spare parts for Thermcut machines are stocked in own warehouse in Tuusula. Carefully selected components from the biggest manufacturers ensure availability of the spare parts also in future.

Regular maintenance service is preventing machine problems in advance. Components under heavy stress are checked and repaired if necessary. Track integrity and measurements are checked and adjusted. Maintenance service is an additional service which agreed to be done and scheduled with the customer in advance.

Please contact us if you have any questions on Thermcut maintenance or service by phone +358 9 274 7210.

Polysoude Orbital Welding Systems

Most of the problems in Polysoude Orbital Welding systems are solved by our own service engineer. Good support from the manufacturer ensure fast repair times.

Maintanance service and calibration is done by manufacturer instructions. Calibration certificate is supplied automatically which can be attached to company quality documentation.

We provide free phone support to our customers. We can give support if there are any problems in system operation or in welding process. For support and service, please contact us tel. +358 9 274 7210 (ask for Polysoude sales or service).

Orbitalum Pipe Tools

We repair, supply spare parts and consumables for Orbitalum (previously Georg Fisher) pipe tools. For Orbitalum sales, please contact us tel. +358 9 274 7210.

Hypertherm Plasma Systems

We do maintenance and repair all Hypertherm plasma power sources we have sold. Our trained service technicians can quickly solve and fix the problem. We give a cost estimation as a standard pocedure before commencing the repair.

We supply original Hypertherm spare parts with short delivery time. If you need maintenance or spare parts please contact us tel. +358 9 274 7210.

Gas Distribution Systems

We do maintenance to all high purity gas distribution systems even if it is not originally built by us. Regular leak testing of gas pipes ensures gas purity and is also a safety issue. Leaking gas even non flammable or poisonous can cause danger to any person working in the building.

When you have a gas system to be checked or you need new components please contact us tel. +358 9 274 7210.