We have almost 30 years of experience on building specialty gas ditribution systems. We know what is required from the distribution system to be able to supply high purity gas from the source to the point of use.

Our installation procedure is according standard ISO 3834-2:2005 and is validated yearly by Inspecta Tarkastus Oy. Welding is mainly done by orbital welding. Still all our welders are qualified for manual welding and they have welding qualification to all materials and pipe sizes we use.

Our customers are universities, schools, r&d-laboratories in electronics, petrochemical, chemistry, food, pharmaceutical and metal industry as well as semiconductor production. As a reference can be mentioned Murata Electronics Oy, Borealis Polymers Oy, Orion Oyj, Neste Oil Oyj, VTT, Aalto YO, Fermion Oy and others.


We do service to all high purity gas distribution systems. Regular leak testing of gas pipes ensure purity of the supplied gas and is also a safety issue. Leaking gas even non flammable or poisonous can cause danger to any person working in the building.

Special welded systems

We can manufacture special stainless steel or monel consturctions based on customer design eg. bubbler vessels and process pipes for semiconductor industry, sample cylinders for petrochemical industry or measurement chambers for nuclear industry. Please contact us if you have construction where special materials, high purity, orbital welding and/or surface quality is required.


We use well known high quality products which mainly are our own import on gas distribution system installations. Gas control systems are made by company Spectron. Pipes and tubes are made by company Dockweiler. Please contact us if need any further information on components.