Orbitalum tube saws and bevel machines

Tube saws

Easy and realiable operation, 100% sure straight cut surface makes Orbitalum saw a good companion for Polysoude orbital welding machine.

  • Tube sizes Ø 5 – 508 mm
  • Material thickness 0.5 – 15 mm

Orbitalum tube saws

Tube bevel and preparation machines 

  • Tube sizes Ø 3.18 – 500 mm
  • Material thickness max 30 mm
  • Precise beveling on different diameters and materials.
  • Up to four different tools can be used at the same time enabling I, V, Y or U bewels together with inside and outside straightening in one run.
  • Machines are easily transported and used at work shops or installation sites.

Orbitalum tube bevel machines

Tungsten grinder

Precisely sharpened tungsten is important for successful orbital welding. Light handheld ESG Plus tungsten grinder can grind four different angels to six different size tungsten. Machine can be used also for tungsten cutting and the shrapened tip flattening. Optionally is available dust collector for operator safety.

Orbitalum grinder

Oxygen meters

Oxygen meters are used to measure the oxygen contect inside of the welded tube before the welding is began. Usually oxygen content less than 20ppm is low enough for oxidation free weld.

Welding Camera

With camera supervision the operator can monitor the welding process up to 25 meters away. Camera is designed for welding where there are high temperature and high intesity radiation.

Purge Gas Plugs

Oxidation inside of the welded tube can be prevented when oxygen is replaced with good level of suitable purge gas. Automatic welding require identical circumstance on each weld. This include also the pressure of the purgee gas inside of the tube. By using purge gas plugs this can be achieved as required steady flow and tightness. Also amount of gas used is smaller than with other pluggin methods which will save money.