We contract DI-water pipelines based on the customer plans. The delivery includes all tube materials, ferrules and fittings installed and insulated as agreed with the customer. Customer has to supply the water purification system as well the valves for us to be installed. All welds are done by orbital welding.

Our installation procedure is according to the standard ISO 3834-2:2005 and is checked yearly by third party Inspecta Oy.

Test procedure includes visual inspection, pressure and leak testing and also x-ray checking of the weld seams if requested.

We have done DI-water installations among other for the companies Orion Oyj, Fermion Oy, Aquaflow Oy and Ark Therapeutics Oy.

Tube components

We use high quality tubes for DI-water pipelines. Tubes are manufactured by company Dockweiler. All tubes are factory cleaned and plugged. Tubes are available internally mechanically polished or electropolished. The internal surface roughness is at least ra<=0.8µm on mechanically polished and Ra<=0.6µm on electropolished depending on the tube quality. Please contact us if you need more information on DI-water tubes.